Poppies Arrive in Liverpool


Poppies Arrive in Liverpool

Only 1 day until the installation of Weeping Window is complete.

The Liner Crew have seen the first arrival of the beautiful poppies and we wait in anticipation of their official unveiling on Saturday 07th November.

Weeping Window is a cascade comprising several thousand handmade ceramic poppies pouring from a high window to the ground below and will be on display at the iconic St Georges Hall, as part of the UK wide tour organised by 14-18 Now.

Chosen as one of only three locations for 2015, it is surely a privilege and honour to host this poignant tribute to the fallen of World War One and at The Liner we are delighted to have this truly special event staged just a few minutes walk away.

Weeping Window will be on display from 07th November 2015 until 17th January 2016 enhancing the reflection ceremony of Armistice Day on Sunday 08th November as well as providing a cultural attraction for visitors during the festive period.

Open daily to the Public from 10am - 6pm.



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